Microfluidics and Automation in Molecular Imaging (e.g., Production of Radiopharmaceuticals, and Molecular Imaging Assays)

My group is interested in microfluidic and automated technologies that can advance and accelerate cancer research. We are particularly focused on tools for molecular imaging, including platforms to increase the diversity and availability of new imaging probes, and platforms for dynamic molecular imaging of cells to study biochemical processes and pathways.

Our work is very multi-disciplinary in nature, bringing together many aspects of physics, engineering, chemistry, computer science, biotechnology, and medicine. Though we are focused ultimately on developing enabling technologies for specific applications, we are also very much interested in furthering the development of the underlying microfluidics technology, on scales ranging from individual fluidic components to integrated chips to full automated systems. One of our aims is to make microfluidic chips and systems accessible to the broader research community; thus we also investigate issues such as manufacturability, cost, chip-to-world interface, robustness, reliability, flexibility/configurability and user-interface in our work.

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