Cancer Biology and Metabolism; Immunology; Molecular Imaging; Drug Discovery and Development

Dr. Caius Radu's group is developing novel diagnostic strategies which integrate in vitro and in vivo measurements of immune function to address unmet clinical needs in malignant and immune disorders. The “in vitro diagnostics” platform consists of a new technology for high-throughput analysis of the T cell immune repertoire. For in vivo immune monitoring, the investigators are using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to perform noninvasive measurements of immune activation throughout the body. Using a novel differential screening platform for PET probe discovery, the team has recently developed a series of imaging tracers which are sensitive to immune activation. Following successful in vitro optimization and PET investigations in mouse models, these probes are now evaluated in clinical studies. Such integrated strategies for in vitro and in vivo immune monitoring could have immediate preclinical and clinical applications in cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune disorders, vaccines and transplantation.

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