Scholars Trained in Advanced Radiochemistry Technologies

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Inventing New Radiochemistry Technologies to Accelerate Cancer Research and the Development of Effective Diagnostics and Therapies

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

Announcing a new DOE-funded program to transition talented chemists, engineers and physicists into the exciting fields of radiochemistry and molecular imaging. Fellows will receive a competitive stipend and have the opportunity to make a global impact by developing technologies that will accelerate the development and study of novel PET tracers and their translation to the clinic. Medical imaging with positron emission tomography (PET) is performed millions of times per year to diagnose cancers and disorders of the brain. It is increasingly being used to monitor response of cancer patients to treatment and to realize the promise of personalized medicine by matching the right drug for each patient. PET probes are short-lived and must be produced just prior to use, currently with expensive, specialized facilities. We are entering an era where the current, centralized production model for PET probes is a bottleneck that limits availability of new tracers. New technologies are critical to alleviating this bottleneck and researchers with expertise to take this next step are highly sought-after. This program will train individuals at the interface of radiochemistry and engineering and prepare them to create new synthesizer technologies and use these technologies to develop new probes.

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